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Elevate Windows Login Security with TOTP Authenticator Apps via CodeB


In the realm of digital security, CodeB stands as a beacon, emphasizing the importance of fortified access to Windows workstations. The prevailing notion is that bolstering Windows login security is intricate, leading many to settle for subpar password habits. Contrary to this belief, CodeB Credential Provider streamlines the integration of a Windows Logon Token. Whether your preference leans towards a basic USB Memory Stick, an advanced X.509 PKI Smartcard, an Android Phone, a versatile Authenticator App, or even a standard NFC/Mifare/Desfire Contactless Card, CodeB's solution is poised to redefine your security and convenience standards.

Diving Deep into CodeB Credential Provider Editions

The CodeB Credential Provider is meticulously designed to accommodate a spectrum of user requirements, bifurcating into two primary editions:

1. System Tray Stand-alone Application: A holistic solution, this edition integrates all pivotal components into a unified system tray application. It's the go-to for users who value simplicity and directness.

2. Assortment of Tools and Applications: Geared towards users who relish detailed configurations, this edition presents an array of individual tools and applications. Its modularity resonates especially with enterprise scenarios where tailored solutions are a priority.

In this guide, our lens is focused on the independent tools version, emphasizing the integration of any TOTP-compliant Authenticator App.

Step-by-Step Guide to CodeB Credential Provider

Step 1: Software Acquisition: Begin by downloading the independent tools variant of the CodeB Credential Provider from this link:

Step 2: Software Decompression: Upon successful download, proceed to extract the `` file to a directory of your preference.

Step 3: Library Deployment: Locate the `CredentialProviderInstaller.exe` utility and run it with administrator privileges. A mere click on the “Install Credential Provider” button will oversee the library's installation and registration.

Step 4: Licensing Protocols: If you're armed with a license key, this step is crucial. If not, CodeB is just an email or a website chat away to assist you with an Evaluation key. To embed the key, activate the `SmartLoginLicensing.exe` application with elevated rights, furnish your license information, and select the “Save Key” button.

Step 5: Account-TOTP Token Integration: With the foundational elements in place, the next phase involves linking your local or domain accounts to a TOTP token. This guide underscores the prowess of the CodeB Authenticator, renowned for its support of variable TOTP lengths and diverse hash algorithms, including SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512. While other Authenticator apps might suffice, it's pivotal to note that many are restricted to a TOTP length of six characters and the SHA1 hashing algorithm.

To initiate the synchronization, activate the `LinkTOTP.exe` tool. Furnish your Username/Domain (optional), password, and if needed, a “Secret”. The flexibility to modify the TOTP digits and hash algorithm is available, but it's essential to remember that while the CodeB Authenticator App is versatile, other apps might be limited to 6 digits with SHA1. Upon configuration, click “Link TOTP” and ensure you scan the ensuing QR Code with your Authenticator App to assimilate the TOTP Key.

Step 6: Credential Provider Interchange: At the Windows login juncture, users can seamlessly oscillate between the default Windows credential provider and the CodeB variant. For authentication, input your TOTP Code into the PIN fields. If a “Secret” was designated, it should be entered into the corresponding field.

A salient feature worth highlighting is the ability to conceal the default Windows Credential Provider using the CodeB Credential Provider Filter, a topic warranting an in-depth discussion in its own right.

The CodeB Credential Provider has ushered in a new era of security and user-friendliness in Windows login procedures. Adhering to the delineated steps equips users to effortlessly configure their systems to accommodate a plethora of login modalities, from rudimentary USB Memory Sticks to advanced TOTP Generators. For any hurdles or queries, the proficient team at CodeB stands ready to guide and assist.

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