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Identity Wallet

At, we specialize in providing decentralized Identity Wallet solutions, engineered to cater to your distinct requirements. One of our offerings includes an advanced HTML5/Javascript wallet, designed to securely store your keys within the fortified storage of your browser. This ensures that all blockchain transactions are executed within the browser environment, with signed transactions subsequently submitted to the blockchain.

For users operating their own nodes, we offer an enhanced security feature where the wallet keys can be stored on the nodes. This not only bolsters security but also optimizes performance, mitigating the risk of key breaches or theft by potential malicious entities. Our CodeB Wallet, equipped with node-hosted keys, is the most comprehensive option available, boasting features such as distributed storage, OpenID Connect authentication, voice and SMS fraud protection, and value transfers.

All CodeB Wallets are designed as responsive apps, facilitating seamless installation on any device without the necessity for a third-party app store.

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