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Identity Server

The OpenID Connect Authorization Server (OIDC Server) allows Single Sign On to client apps and websites with any OIDC compliant client.


It is the modern standard for securing access to APIs & implements network protocol flows which allow a client to act on behalf of a user. Our Identity Server allows clients to verify the identity of end-users based on the authentication performed and also to obtain profile information about the end-users in an interoperable and REST-like manner.

The Identity Server allows users to Single Sign-On / Login into their client site/application with using OpenID Connect protocol flows. Users can interact with multiple apps without requiring them to store sensitive credentials. You can easily protect your API's with access tokens, or allow clients to request new access tokens and refresh them.

User Provisioning

The Server is based on distributed Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) which is an emerging concept associated with the way identity is managed in the digital world. Users are able to create and control their own identity, without relying on any centralized authority.


Identity Brokering

To support digital interactions in which information about the identity must be shared with third parties the identity needs to proof that it has has ownership of certain attestations or attributes. 

The inbuilt Identity Broker connects and links user attributes to 3rd party attestation servers such as Google, Paypal, Government eID's, etc.


Mobile App Integration and REST APIS’s

Our OpenID REST APIs enable integration and single sign-on into your Mobile Applications including iOS, Android, NodeJS, Cordova, Ionic etc.


Website Integration

Our OpenID Connect and OAuth2 APIs can be integrated into a large variety of systems. For example NextCloud, Wordpress, Auth0 and WIX.

Keyboard and Mouse

Let's Work Together

Contact us for test credentials and for access to any our test nodes.

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