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Automated Settlements

The global telecom industry is booming, but the settlement process is slow, costly, and often riddled with errors. Billions of dollars are lost due to fraud, late payments, incorrect invoicing, and other settlement-related issues, hurting telecom carriers of all sizes.

CodeB offers a fast, accurate, and affordable blockchain-based solution that streamlines the settlement process and helps businesses focus on growth. Our solution reduces settlement times, lowers costs, improves cash flow, and frees up capital.

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining ground in the financial sector, from banking to insurance and trade finance, as partners can collaborate on a shared, secure ledger of transactions. For the ICT sector, blockchain not only improves efficiency, quality, and speed of settlement processes, but also strengthens the industry ecosystem and partner relationships.

Our settlement tokens are powered by smart contracts for secure, instant, and transparent transfers. With blockchain, there's no more dead money, frozen transfers, or waiting for payments to clear. It's the future of automated settlement workflows.

Our blockchain solution is highly resistant to fraud and malicious activity with immutable ledgers, end-to-end client certification, full AML/KYC, and instant settlement APIs. Smart contracts enable efficient settlement solutions that match current and future business needs.

ICT service providers can now process settlements fully automatically 24/7, settling within seconds instead of days or weeks. This frees up capital to grow the business.

Features of Settlement Token

Standards based


Identity Integration


Native settlement functions

Multiple token

Proven technology

The CodeB system is based on ERC standards.

CodeB offers a broad range of APIs and reference wallets.

All settlement APIs are supported by ERC compatible Identity Contracts.

All transactions are instant and final.

Many inbuilt native settlement functions such as: transfer, direct debit, split payments, voucher system and atomic swaps between different token.

Users are not bound to specific token. Every participant can create token for his  specific business requirements.

Token technology used in different projects such as VallettaCoin®

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