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Decentralized Cloud Storage

Step into the future of data storage with As a prerequisite for many CodeB Applications, every CodeB Node comes equipped with truly decentralized off-chain cloud storage. This storage securely encrypts and optionally distributes crucial data across multiple nodes of your choosing. It's a game-changer, replacing centralized storages and giving you the power to maintain control over sensitive data while adding a layer of redundancy.


CodeB's solution is an "API First" approach, but the decentralized storage can be accessed via a Web Interface or directly integrated as a virtual drive into your Windows file system.


Every file is stored using AES256 encryption with a guaranteed random one-time key. Your data is not just stored; it's fortified.


Documents can be shared or moved between multiple vaults without the need to re-encrypt the data. Want to generate external download links? It's as easy as a click.


Your primary physical storage location is always your own node, ensuring that data never leaves your data center without your consent. However, you can trigger a redundant distribution across chosen nodes for an extra layer of security.


Attach an unlimited amount of Meta Data to any document. The more information, the better.


Keep track of all document activity with a full audit trail. Accountability has never been this straightforward.

Proof of Existence

Our system provides an auditable proof of when a document was created, thanks to the inbuilt RFC 3161 Time Notary.


Document history can be kept without any limitations in the number of iterations. It's your data's timeline, in your control.

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