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Distributed SMS Gateway

At CodeB we understand the importance of personal identity in the digital age. That's why every CodeB Node comes with an inbuilt SMPP Proxy/Gateway. It allows to combine the power of MSISDN and Self-Sovereign Identities for ultimate security and identity verification. 

Additional the inbuilt SMS Gateway can act as a SMP Firewall, SMS Aggregator and much more.

Realtime Settlement

Processed SMS can be settled in real-time with any compliant transaction token.


  • no cash flow issues as billing happens in real-time

  • unlimited scalability

  • real-time pricing

  • no expensive bi-lateral agreements required



While the inbuilt SMPP Gateway comes with a broad range of REST and Web Services APIs it also supports access via any SMPP compliant client.


SMPP Firewall

As a SMPP firewall it blocks any unauthorized SMPP connections, as well as inspects and filters the messages passing through the SMSC. It also helps in preventing SMS Spam and fraud with its unique SMS authenticity validation protocol.

Note: Our unique SMS authenticity validation protocol is also used by our SIP Proxy for Call Authenticity!


Distributed SMS Aggregator (SMS Hub)

How much for example does your existing SMS wholesale platform cost per month? What is the amount of money, your company spends on a monthly basis on platform rent, all of the infrastructure, in-house IT support, and online support hours from your current platform vendor? Or course, excluding carrier costs of SMS?

If you are serious about your SMS wholesale business, you should not be spending more than 0,0002 EUR/SMS on average!


With a CodeB Node you can start your new business, or improve an existing one with easy calculable costs.

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