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Distributed SMS Gateway

Dive into the world of advanced digital identity with Our unique offering includes an integrated SMPP Proxy/Gateway within every CodeB Node. This powerful feature fuses the strengths of MSISDN and Self-Sovereign Identities, providing an ultimate solution for security and identity verification in the digital age.

Our inbuilt SMS Gateway is more than just a gateway. It doubles as an SMP Firewall and SMS Aggregator, and comes packed with a host of additional features.

Realtime Settlement

Experience the efficiency of real-time settlement. Processed SMS can be settled instantly with any compliant transaction token. This feature offers:

  • No cash flow issues as billing occurs in real-time

  • Unlimited scalability

  • Real-time pricing

  • No need for expensive bi-lateral agreements



Our inbuilt SMPP Gateway is not only equipped with a wide range of REST and Web Services APIs, but also supports access via any SMPP compliant client.


SMPP Firewall

As an SMPP firewall, it blocks any unauthorized SMPP connections, inspects, and filters the messages passing through the SMSC.


It also aids in preventing SMS Spam and fraud with its unique SMS authenticity validation protocol. Note: Our unique SMS authenticity validation protocol is also utilized by our SIP Proxy for Call Authenticity!


Distributed SMS Aggregator (SMS Hub)

Consider the cost of your existing SMS wholesale platform per month. What is the total expenditure on platform rent, infrastructure, in-house IT support, and online support hours from your current platform vendor, excluding carrier costs of SMS? If you're serious about your SMS wholesale business, your spending should not exceed 0,0002 EUR/SMS on average!

With a CodeB Node, you can kickstart your new business or enhance an existing one with easily calculable costs.

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