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Passwordless Authentication Meets Nextcloud: Exploring CodeB TOTP SMS Android App

The CodeB TOTP SMS Android App is more than your standard messaging app. It's a dynamic mobile solution that effortlessly transitions between various roles, such as generating Time-Based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) and signing documents, among other capabilities. As it changes roles, the app maintains the highest level of security, setting it apart from traditional SMS applications.

Additionally, the app fully integrates with OpenID Connect. Instead of the traditional method of relying on an authorization server for token generation and authorization processes, this app utilizes Android's secure processor-backed keystores. In scenarios requiring enhanced security, it leverages the robust hardware-backed keystore known as "Strongbox". These are used for securely storing the app's key materials and for generating OpenID Connect tokens, making a centralized third-party authorization server unnecessary.

The CodeB TOTP SMS Android App's support extends beyond Wordpress and WIX to include Nextcloud, a prominent self-hosted productivity platform. With the app's strong OpenID Connect capabilities, you can authenticate your Nextcloud account without the need for passwords. Simply configure your Nextcloud instance with OpenID Connect as demonstrated below, and use the secure tokens generated by the CodeB App for a secure and straightforward authentication process. This integration underscores Nextcloud's commitment to security and privacy, offering you a secure and efficient way to access your cloud files and services.

It's important to highlight that in this configuration, the endpoint URLs are not linked to any authorization server. They are, instead, transparent CodeB OpenID Proxy URLs that map the HTTP workflows to the mobile's OTT communication. This unique setup streamlines the process and enhances the app's functionality.

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