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Your Phone, Your Identity: Unveiling CodeB's Next-Gen Authentication Solution

OpenID Connect (OIDC) emerges as a cutting-edge authentication protocol, artfully designed atop the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. This ingenious protocol enables computational platforms to affirm the identity of an end-user, a task performed impeccably by an authorization server. Furthermore, it facilitates the management of crucial user profile information in a compatible and REST-like manner. Technically speaking, OpenID Connect defines a RESTful HTTP API, utilizing JSON as its principal data format. The respected OpenID Foundation oversees this standard with meticulous care.

Our CodeB TOTP SMS Android App is far from a typical SMS application, as it encapsulates a plethora of mobile functionalities. It seamlessly transitions between its roles as a Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) generator and a Document Signer, amongst other capacities, all while maintaining superior security standards. The technological landscape was ripe for us to harness the power of innovation, morphing the mobile device into a distinct Identity. This transformation allows users to interact with any service in alignment with OpenID Connect. Traditional practices tied to OpenID Connect Identities, which rely on an authorization server for token generation and authorization workflows, are progressively being superseded.

We invite you to the contemporary era, where mobile devices are fortified with secure processor-backed keystores or even the robust hardware-backed keystore known as "Strongbox". These enhancements enable the safe storage of cryptographic material, thereby transforming mobile devices into autonomous OIDC token generators. As a result, the mobile device ascends to its own Identity Provider (IdP), eliminating the need for any external, centralized IdP. This evolution represents a significant paradigm shift, providing a process that is not only more streamlined and efficient but also enveloped in a heightened layer of security.

The inception of this technology also signals the departure of traditional login methods. We bid adieu to passwords, those bulky combinations of characters that are not only easy to forget but also often prone to security breaches. We wave goodbye to social logins, which frequently carry their own suite of privacy concerns. With the technology offered by CodeB, your mobile device becomes your key, your identity, and your portal to a host of services, ensuring a fluid, secure, and user-friendly experience.

See below a short example on how to link your mobile Identity to your Nextcloud Identity:

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