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Unveiling CodeB's Newest Mobile Advancement: Digital Signatures Now Part of "CodeB TOTP SMS"

At CodeB, we're elated to present a novel addition to our popular “CodeB TOTP SMS” application - mobile digital signatures. Going beyond the realms of traditional text messaging, we have fused advanced SMS security with an inbuilt Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authenticator, rendering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution.

In recognition of the growing necessity of document signing in our digital era, we've upped our game. Our application now features a built-in PDF Signator, enabling you to sign documents directly from your device. All it requires is a scan of the QR Code of the signing request, a quick PDF validation, and a tap on 'sign'. Just like that, your PDF Document is signed and ready!

To further bolster security, the RSA keys and certificate are stowed securely within the safe confines of your Android device's hardware, rather than in the application. You can also choose to safeguard the key material using a PIN or your fingerprint, bringing the security standard to match traditional smart cards, while ensuring user-friendly accessibility.

In addition, we're excited to announce that every user now has the capability to create their own signature requests via This additional feature puts control directly into your hands, enhancing the convenience and personalization of the application.

Interested in experiencing these features? You can download “CodeB TOTP SMS” from the Google Play Store via this link: After installation, create your first signature by scanning the sample QR Code below (or just by clicking on it).

Should you have any queries, suggestions, or need help, we're always available to assist you. Please reach out to us at

Thank you for your continued trust in CodeB. Together, we'll keep revolutionizing secure communication!

Scan below to install CodeB SMS from the Google Play Store

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