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Unlocking Windows with a Swipe: NFC Card Login via CodeB Credential Provider V2

In a world where digital security is of paramount importance, user authentication serves as the cornerstone for validating identities for logon and other system authentication scenarios. While Microsoft provides a variety of credential providers as part of Windows, like password, PIN, smartcard, and Windows Hello (Fingerprint, Face, and Iris recognition), you might find yourself needing more functionality. This is where the CodeB Credential Provider V2, the highly anticipated successor of the popular Aloaha Smart Login, steps in​.

What is CodeB Credential Provider V2?

The CodeB Credential Provider V2 is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into Windows, offering a variety of login methods. It allows users to log into Windows using One-Time Password Generators (TOTP), NFC and Mifare Cards, X.509 Certificates/Cards, and even simple USB Memory Sticks. Additionally, it facilitates authentication and connections with shared or remote systems. For an added layer of security, it includes an integrated filter feature, which allows users to conceal undesired system credential providers​.

Features of CodeB Credential Provider V2

The CodeB Credential Provider V2 is a standalone .NET Windows Library (DLL) that is not only adaptable via settings but also customizable through your unique plugin library. Rooted in Microsoft’s ICredentialProviderCredential2 interface, it comes with an inbuilt Credential Provider Filter. The CodeB TOTP SMS App can serve as a second verification layer, while it also accepts plain USB Memory Sticks and a wide variety of NFC Tokens as login tokens. It even supports national identity cards, credit cards, Mifare, Mifare Desfire, and many more​​.

Getting Started with CodeB Credential Provider V2

Setting up the CodeB Credential Provider V2 is straightforward. Start by downloading the Credential Provider System Tray from the official website. After downloading, extract the system tray file to a preferred location and initiate the ‘codeb_tray.exe‘. You’ll notice a new CodeB icon in your system tray. To continue with the installation, right-click on the icon and select “Credential Provider => Install”. Note that this step requires elevated permissions, but only once during the installation process​​.

In case you do not want to run a system tray you can opt for the independent tools version: This option provides a suite of standalone tools, tailored for those who wish to avoid running extra software. It gives you the freedom to select only the tools you require, providing greater control over your installation. Download it here:

How to Use an NFC Card with CodeB Credential Provider V2

To log into Windows using an NFC card, you need to first link your Windows credentials to the card. This requires entering your username, your Windows password, and optionally your network domain. The Logon PIN is used to encrypt your credential soft token and is also needed for logging into Windows​.

After setting up the NFC card, logon to Windows by placing your NFC Card on the reader and choosing the CodeB Logon Tile. Then, simply enter your PIN into the PIN field and logon​​.

Evaluating the CodeB Credential Provider

You can try out most features of the CodeB Credential Provider V2 during a 30-day trial period, even without a valid license. To fully unlock all the features, simply reach out to the CodeB team ( for your evaluation key​​.

In summary, the CodeB Credential Provider V2 offers a simple and secure pathway to access your Windows desktop using a wide range of login methods, including NFC cards. The tool also supports other card types such as Desfire, Mifare, and X509 PKI cards, as well as regular USB memory sticks. Furthermore, it enables authentication using time-based one-time password generators (TOTP), thereby enhancing your login options and login options and security​​. Whether you appreciate a straightforward, all-inclusive solution or prefer a suite of standalone tools tailored to your needs, the CodeB Credential Provider V2 has you covered.


In today’s fast-paced digital age, the need for secure, reliable, and convenient user authentication methods is more important than ever. The CodeB Credential Provider V2, as the successor to the highly popular Aloaha Smart Login, provides a versatile and robust solution for Windows logon scenarios, offering more than just password-based access. With NFC card login capabilities and support for other unique methods, this tool brings a new level of security and convenience to your Windows experience.

Whether you’re a business looking for an efficient way to manage system access or an individual seeking a more secure way to protect your personal computer, the CodeB Credential Provider V2 offers a solution that can meet your needs. So why wait? Try it today and experience the future of Windows logon.

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