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CodeB Credential Provider Installation

With the CodeB Windows Credential Provider, you can easily and securely log onto your Windows desktop using various types of cards, including NFC, Desfire, and Mifare cards. Additionally, the provider supports X509 PKI cards and standard USB memory sticks. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of logging in with your preferred card type.

You can download the CodeB Credential Provider in two different versions:

The first version is a stand-alone System Tray application that includes the Credential Provider and all its necessary tools in a single, portable executable. This option is ideal for users who prefer a straightforward, all-in-one solution. The download link is:

The second version consists of a collection of stand-alone tools, which are perfect for customers who don't want to run any additional software. With this option, you can choose only the tools you need, giving you more control over your installation. The download link is:

Note: Please request your required evaluation key from

Check out the usage video below for the second version, which demonstrates the installation process, licensing, and how to use the software together with an NCF Token to log on to Windows. This helpful video will guide you through the entire process, making it easy to get started with the CodeB Credential Provider.

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