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CodeB Credential Provider Installation

The CodeB Windows Credential Provider offers a simple and secure pathway to access your Windows desktop. This versatile tool supports a wide array of login methods, including NFC, Desfire, Mifare, and X509 PKI cards, as well as regular USB memory sticks. Additionally, it enables authentication using time-based one-time password generators (TOTP), further enhancing your login options and security.

You can download the CodeB Credential Provider in two unique versions:

  1. The stand-alone System Tray application: This is a comprehensive package that combines the Credential Provider and all its necessary tools into a single, portable executable. It's perfect for users who appreciate a straightforward, all-inclusive solution. Download it here:

  2. The independent tools version: This option provides a suite of standalone tools, tailored for those who wish to avoid running extra software. It gives you the freedom to select only the tools you require, providing greater control over your installation. Download it here:

Don't forget to request your essential evaluation key from

To get a grasp of how the second version functions, we've provided a usage video below. This video demonstrates the installation procedure, licensing, and how to use the software alongside an NCF Token for Windows login. It provides a step-by-step guide, simplifying the process of getting started with the CodeB Credential Provider.

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