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Unlocking the Future: CodeB Credential Provider V2

In an era where the digital frontier is expanding at an unprecedented rate, the importance of secure and efficient authentication methods cannot be overstated. Enter the "CodeB Credential Provider V2", previously known as "Aloaha Smartlogin". This avant-garde system is not just a tool but a testament to the future of digital security and accessibility.

A New Dawn in Digital Authentication

The CodeB Credential Provider V2 is not just another authentication tool. It's a revolutionary approach that offers a plethora of Logon Tokens, setting the stage for innovations like Passwordless Logon, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), and the pinnacle of security, 3-Factor Authentication (3FA).

Tokens for Every Digital Native

The digital age demands flexibility, and with CodeB, you have an array of options tailored for every user:

  • NFC Cards: Beyond daily essentials like student IDs, the system supports contactless credit cards, employee badges, physical access cards, and widely-used contactless cards such as MIFARE and DESFIRE. These cards can serve as a 2nd or 3rd factor, or even as a standalone factor enabling the seamless "Tap to Login" experience.

  • USB Memory Stick: An ingenious transformation of a simple memory stick into a potent logon key.

  • Android Phones with NFC: With the CodeB Authenticator, your smartphone isn't just smart; it's a fortress.

  • TOTP Authenticators: Not just embracing, but celebrating the diversity of TOTP Authenticators. Whether it's Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other standard TOTP app, it's compatible.

  • Mobile OpenID Connect: The "CodeB Authenticator" isn't just an app; it's a mobile OpenID Connect Identity Provider. This seamless integration means users can authenticate with just a click on their mobile device.

  • X.509 Certificates: For those who lean towards certificate-based security, especially when hosted on a PKI Smartcard.

For deeper insights, additional token inquiries, or feedback, the dedicated team at is always eager to engage.

Crafted Tools for Tailored Authentication Workflows

Understanding the myriad of authentication workflows, CodeB offers specialized "Credential Linkers":

  • Link2FA: Beyond just multifactor authentication, this tool is a gateway to a secure realm, enabling 2FA and 3FA using the power of NFC and TOTP.

  • LinkTOTP: Moving away from the age-old tradition of passwords, this tool allows users to log in using a one-time password, eliminating the need for complex password memorization.

  • LinkNFCCard: A leap into the future, where NFC Cards and NFC-enabled Android Phones become the key to a passwordless logon experience, including the innovative "Tap to Login" feature.

  • LinkOpenID: With the "CodeB Authenticator App", users experience the magic of logging in with a mere click on their mobile, thanks to the integrated OpenID Connect Identity Provider.

  • LinkX509: A haven for those who value certificate-based security, especially when using the local system store or a PKI Smartcard.

  • LinkMemStick: Inclusivity is key, and with CodeB, even a basic USB Memory Stick can be your gateway to secure logon.

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