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Multi-Factor Authentication for Windows Login & RDP

Windows Credential Providers play a crucial role in user authentication, serving as the primary gateway for identity verification during logins. With the advent of Windows 10, Credential Providers have gained even more significance as they are now also used for app and website authentication and beyond.

Microsoft offers a variety of Credential Providers for Windows, including password, PIN, smartcard, and Windows Hello features like fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. But what if your requirements demand greater versatility?

CodeB has developed a user-friendly and flexible Credential Provider. With over a decade of experience and insights from the widely used Aloaha Smartlogon, CodeB has redesigned the CodeB Credential Provider from the ground up, offering a sophisticated blend of simplicity and functionality.

Protect Your Windows Workspace

The Windows Credential Provider API is essential for system security, ensuring only authorized users access resources. With the expansion of the digital world, security threats are also on the rise. Many companies, especially those reliant on contractors, are vulnerable to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and hardware keyloggers. Industries like payment card providers and those processing GDPR-sensitive data legally require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Windows. However, many businesses view Windows 2FA as cumbersome, risking data breaches and legal consequences.

Existing security solutions, often focusing on smartcards, have been slow to gain traction due to technical and trust issues. Moreover, deciding how to integrate into existing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) or use specific smartcards can be daunting.

CodeB Credential Provider steps in with expert advice, tools, and software specifically designed to bolster security. Our platform supports a variety of login tokens, from simple USB flash drives and NFC MIFARE to PKI smartcards and Mobile OpenID Connect.

Diverse Supported Login Tokens, Including Mobile OpenID Connect

The widespread misconception is that bolstering Windows login security is a complex task, leading to a reliance on inadequate password strategies.

CodeB Credential Provider challenges this paradigm, simplifying the adoption of a Windows login token. Be it a simple USB flash drive, a state-of-the-art X.509 PKI smartcard, an Android phone, a versatile Authenticator app, a standard NFC/Mifare/Desfire contactless card, or even as the world's first provider supporting login via Mobile OpenID Connect Tokens - CodeB's innovative solution will revolutionize your security landscape.

Access Windows with NFC Card, NFC-capable Mobile Device, or Your Android Phone

For NFC login to Windows, a compatible NFC card like MIFARE or DESFIRE is required. We also support various company badges, student IDs, bus tickets, credit cards, physical access cards, hotel cards, and more. With the CodeB Authenticator App, you can also turn your Android phone into a supported NFC token, allowing you to use your phone as a login medium.

Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP)

Our advanced Credential Provider V2 also supports time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), enabling seamless login to your Windows workspace, be it a local or a domain account. While any TOTP app is supported, it is recommended to use the "CodeB Authenticator App" if a different number of digits than 6 or a different hash algorithm is required.


  • Packaged as a standalone .NET Windows library (DLL).

  • Installation with a single click. No installation package required.

  • MSI installer available upon request.

  • We can translate the software into any desired language.

  • Support for domain-connected and standalone machines.

  • Secure Remote Desktop (RDP), network shares, and local login.

  • Customizable functionality through settings.

  • Functionally expandable via plugin interface.

  • Easy to customize, e.g., by adding your own logo.

  • Based on Microsoft's ICredentialProviderCredential2 interface.

  • With an integrated login provider filter.

  • The CodeB Authenticator App can serve as a secondary authentication factor.

  • Use any TOTP authenticator to log into Windows.

  • Use your Android phone as an NFC login token.

  • Accepts mobile OpenID Connect tokens.

  • X.509 certificates can be used as a login token, ideally hosted on a PKI smartcard.

  • Accepts simple USB flash drives as login tokens.

  • Supports a variety of NFC tokens as login tokens, including company badges, national identity cards, bus tickets, credit cards, MIFARE, DESFIRE, and much more.


Is the CodeB Credential Provider the right solution for your problem? Try it out and request an evaluation key!

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