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Registering CodeB Authenticator as Identity Provider in Azure Active Directory B2C

To register CodeB Authenticator as Identity Provider (IdP) using the CodeB Identity Broker with Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C (AD B2C), follow these steps:

1. Go to the Azure Portal and navigate to "Azure AD B2C" -> "Identity providers".

2. Click on "New OpenID Connect provider".

3. In the "Configure custom IDP" window that opens on the right side:

  • Provide a unique name for your new provider. Note that this name cannot be changed later.

  • Enter the Metadata URL of your CodeB Identity Broker. Alternatively, you can use our public URL: (Note: The metadata URL cannot be changed later).

  • Assign a Client ID that is easily understandable for the user, as it will be included in the pop-up message of the CodeB Authenticator App.

  • Use "openid b2c serversig" as the "Scope".

  • Leave the "Response type" and "Response mode" as default.

4. Configure the claims mapping, with the most important mapping being the "User ID". Set the value to "sub". For other mappings:

  • "Display name": Set the value to "name".

  • "Given name": Set the value to "given_name".

  • "Surname": Set the value to "family_name".

  • "Email": Set the value to "email_address".

5. That's it! Your new Identity Provider is now ready to be used within your Azure App.

Please note that these instructions are specific to integrating the CodeB Identity Broker as an Identity Provider in Azure AD B2C. Make sure to consult the CodeB Identity Broker documentation for any specific requirements or updates related to the integration process.

Sample Workflows

Please find below some sample test workflows in Microsoft Azure. Once these workflows are successful, the resulting claims will be shown on

Please note that you need to sign up before you can proceed with the signing process.

When you reach the Azure B2C Windows, please select either "Aloaha Mobile Auth" or "CodeB Mobile Auth" as the preferred option.



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