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Pioneering the Implementation of CAMARA APIs

CodeB, a leading entity in the realm of identity solutions, has successfully implemented the first three APIs from CAMARA, a project under the Linux Foundation, aimed at defining, developing, and testing APIs to simplify telco network complexity. CAMARA, with its open-source approach, works in close collaboration with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and publish API definitions, making them available across telco networks and countries.

CAMARA APIs Implemented by CodeB

This API is designed to dispatch transient OTPs via SMS to a specified phone number and subsequently validate them, serving as evidence of the possession of the said number. It conducts instantaneous validations to confirm that the user is in possession of the device associated with the given mobile number, providing a secure gateway for one-time access or single transactions.

The Number Verification API provides the ability to verify the phone number associated with the SIM used in the device connected to the mobile data network. It has two defined endpoints, one for retrieving the phone number associated with the user’s MobileToken and another for checking if the user mobile phone number matches the phone number associated with the mobile device.

The SIM Swap API enables customers to obtain information on any recent SIM pairing change related to the user’s mobile account. It provides the timestamp of the latest SIM swap and checks if a SIM swap has been performed during a past period for a given phone number.

RESTful Implementation and Accessibility

All CAMARA APIs are defined and implemented as REST APIs, adhering to the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). To facilitate easier accessibility for testing parties, all APIs have been additionally wrapped up as web services in their own CAMARA namespace, available for access and testing at CAMARA Namespace.

Benefits of CAMARA APIs

CAMARA APIs expose telco network capabilities, enabling seamless access and facilitating application-to-network integration. These functions are pivotal for delivering enhanced and service-tailored customer experiences in the 5G era. The abstraction from Network APIs to Service APIs is crucial to simplify telco complexity, making APIs user-friendly and satisfying data privacy and regulatory requirements.


CodeB, by implementing the first three CAMARA APIs, has taken a significant stride in leveraging telco network capabilities, enhancing security, and providing seamless experiences for users. The integration of these APIs not only simplifies telco complexities but also ensures data privacy and regulatory compliance, paving the way for innovative solutions in the telecommunications sector.


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