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Introducing NFC Login for Windows: Transform Your Mobile Device into a Contactless NFC Card

Seamless, Secure, and Convenient: The Future of Windows Authentication is Here

In a groundbreaking move, CodeB Identity Solutions has unveiled a revolutionary feature that allows users to utilize their NFC-enabled mobile devices as contactless NFC cards for Windows login. This innovation is made possible with the integration of the CodeB Authenticator app.

The Power of NFC-Based Multi-Factor Authentication

Logging into Windows has never been more secure and convenient. With the CodeB Credential Provider, users can now harness the power of Multi-Factor Authentication for Windows Logon, RDP sessions, and even for authenticating to remote shares. This means that NFC cards or NFC-enabled mobile devices can now serve as tangible, personal items for authentication, offering a higher level of security compared to traditional passwords. This is especially crucial for industries handling sensitive data, ensuring compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Mobile Phone NFC: The Game-Changer

The NFC technology in mobile phones has transformed the way we interact with devices. Beyond just enabling contactless payments, mobile phones with NFC can now emulate NFC/RFID cards. With the "CodeB Authenticator" app, any mobile device can be transformed into a versatile authentication tool, eliminating the need for traditional plastic cards. This promotes sustainability and offers users a more integrated authentication experience.

How It Works

1. Install CodeB Authenticator: For Windows logon, while a compatible NFC Card like MIFARE or DESFIRE is ideal, if you don't have a supported contactless card, simply download the "CodeB Authenticator" on your mobile device. Ensure NFC is activated on your device.

2. Register CodeB Credential Provider: The "CodeB Credential Provider" is available in two editions: the System Tray Stand-alone Application and the Comprehensive Suite of Tools and Applications. After installation, navigate to "Credential Provider" -> "NFC Credentials".

3. Link Account to NFC Token: Ensure your NFC Card or mobile device with the "CodeB Authenticator" app is close to a CCID-compliant contactless smartcard reader. After detection, enter your credentials and set a Logon PIN. Click on "Link Card" to complete the process.

4. Transitioning between Credential Providers: Users can effortlessly toggle between the standard Windows credential provider and the CodeB Credential Provider during Windows login.

Forge ahead with CodeB and experience the future of secure and convenient Windows authentication. Let's collaborate!

For more details, visit NFC Login for Windows:

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