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CodeB Credential Provider – Bluetooth 2FA Authentication

In today’s digital landscape where security threats are continually evolving, implementing robust authentication measures is crucial. The CodeB Credential Provider emerges as a superior solution due to its extensive support for a variety of authentication methods. Unlike many other solutions, CodeB not only accommodates common second factors like smart cards, NFC cards, plain USB sticks, Mobile Token, Virtual Mobile NFC Card, and Authenticator apps but also pioneers in embracing modern wireless technology like Bluetooth for enhanced security in Windows authentication.

CodeB’s Pioneering Approach

CodeB Credential Provider showcases a pioneering approach by integrating Bluetooth technology alongside conventional 2FA methods. This flexibility reflects CodeB’s dedication to delivering a secure yet user-centric authentication solution. Users can capitalize on the widespread availability and convenience of their Bluetooth-enabled devices, primarily mobile phones, to authenticate themselves effortlessly on Windows platforms.

Ease of Adoption

By encompassing Bluetooth, CodeB simplifies many challenges associated with the adoption of 2FA. Users and organizations can employ existing Bluetooth-enabled devices, thereby reducing the necessity for additional hardware investments. This approach not only makes the adoption of 2FA more accessible but also more cost-effective.

Seamless User Experience

The wireless connectivity inherent to Bluetooth facilitates a seamless user experience. Unlike some other forms of 2FA, Bluetooth authentication with CodeB doesn’t necessitate physical contact, making the process smoother and less intrusive. A noteworthy feature is CodeB’s support for automatic locking or logging off of the screen when the Bluetooth device goes out of range, adding an extra layer of security and convenience.


The CodeB Credential provider exemplifies a progressive approach to Windows authentication by supporting Bluetooth technology as a second factor. Its capability to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, coupled with the ease of use and cost-effectiveness, positions CodeB as an appealing choice for organizations aiming to enhance their security infrastructure while ensuring a user-friendly authentication experience. By automatically securing the workstation when the user’s Bluetooth device is out of range, CodeB further demonstrates its commitment to providing a well-rounded, secure, and convenient authentication solution.

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