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CodeB joins CAMARA, the Telco Global API Alliance by the Linux Foundation and the GSMA

[Malta, 18 January 2023] – CodeB, a specialist developer of decentralized applications and identity solutions for the government and communications sector announces that it has joined CAMARA, the Telco Global API Alliance. CAMARA is an open-source project within Linux Foundation to define, develop and test APIs to enable seamless access to 4G/5G network capabilities, and it works in close collaboration with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and publish API definitions and APIs.

CodeB develops decentralized applications based on its API-first reference system and anchored in a robust Self-Sovereign Identity (“SSI”) model. CodeB has developed applications that include solutions for voice call validation and fraud mitigation, and its SSI is built to comply with the standards set by Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN-1) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI PDL-012). The company’s solutions are designed from the ground up so that they can be easily integrated with legacy systems using multiple types of interfaces, such as APIs, minimizing the barriers for adoption.

Stefan Engelbert, Founder and CEO of CodeB said: “We at CodeB are excited to support the CAMARA project and we see the availability of standardized, global APIs as essential for enabling innovative services and use cases for multiple operator networks and service environments. For us, it is important that we can integrate our solutions across different customers without them having to deploy new infrastructure or software. For this, APIs are the way we can achieve the required interoperability and CAMARA is a critical initiative to drive the harmonization across the telco industry.”

Markus Kümmerle, Program lead 5G Network Exposure / CAMARA at Deutsche Telekom said: “We are pleased that CodeB has joined CAMARA and we look forward to their contribution. CodeB, and their technology team, have great expertise in not just designing APIs, but also developing the interfaces that enable complex applications to interoperate with security, which is a core objective for the CAMARA project. On Top CodeB brings customer view into CAMARA which is key to develop customer demanded APIs.”

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