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CodeB Introduces Revolutionary New Distributed SMPP Gateway for SMS Aggregation

CodeB is excited to announce the release of its revolutionary new distributed SMPP gateway for SMS aggregation. This cutting-edge gateway not only offers a scalable and reliable SMS messaging solution for businesses of all sizes, but it also provides real-time settlement through its integration with blockchain technology.

The new gateway utilizes CodeB's distributed Identity System, ensuring increased security, capacity, and performance. It is also integrated as an app in CodeB's Identity Wallet, providing a seamless user experience.

The gateway supports all major SMPP protocols and can be easily integrated with existing messaging systems. With automatic failover and load balancing, messages are delivered quickly and reliably.

CodeB is dedicated to providing businesses with the best Identity and SMS messaging solutions on the market. With the release of this new gateway, we are confident that we can help businesses of all sizes effectively communicate with their customers and improve their market presence.

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