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CodeB Identity as Cloud Drive

As the CodeB Identity Wallet can act also as Vault for your valuable documents it is essential that access to your document is not limited to the web interface.

With the CodeB Virtual Disk it is possible to mount your CodeB Wallet as virtual disk. Just launch the application, define your Wallet URL and Credentials and you get your new Blockchain Drive.


  • Every file is stored AES256 encrypted using a guaranteed random one-time key.

  • Documents can be shared or moved between multiple vaults without having to re-crypt the data.

  • Distributed offchain-storage guarantees the highest levels of redundancy.

  • Unlimited amount of Meta Data can be attached to any document.

  • Full audit trail of all document activity.

  • Auditable proof of when a document was created (Time Notary).

  • Document history can be kept without any limitations in the number of iterations.

Storage Vaults attached to your identity are automatically mapped to the root folder \MyVaults as shown below. You see the Vaults “CodeB” and “stefan”.

At the bottom of the page you see also a screenshot of the web interface.

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