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Identity Wallet now with distributed Document Vault

Storing and sharing your valuable documents in the cloud has many disadvantages such as lack of security, limited quotas and missing redundancies.

CodeB’s Self-Sovereign Identities are built for the secure storage of valuable attributes and credentials.

In combination with its distributed offchain storage system every identity contract can store and manage an unlimited amount of documents in its Secure Document Vault.


  • Every document is stored AES256 encrypted using a guaranteed random one-time key.

  • Documents can be shared or moved between multiple identities without having to re-crypt the data.

  • Distributed offchain-storage guarantees the highest levels of redundancy.

  • Unlimited amount of Meta Data can be attached to any document.

  • Full audit trail of all document activity.

  • Auditable proof of when a document was created (Time Notary).

  • Document history can be kept without any limitations in the number of iterations.

Other Features of the CodeB Identity Wallet

  • W3C DID compliant.

  • Can act as OpenID Connect Identity Provider, Proxy or Consumer.

  • Inbuilt secure Wallet 2 Wallet Messaging.

  • and much more …

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