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Timenotary and CodeB Identity Broker Join Forces

A New Chapter in Digital Security

In a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to redefine the landscape of digital security and authentication, Timenotary's trusted RFC 3161 timestamping is now seamlessly integrated with CodeB's cutting-edge Identity Broker. This fusion of technologies not only enhances the user experience but also fortifies the integrity and authenticity of digital documents.

Timenotary: A Trusted Name in Timestamping

Timenotary has been a pioneer in providing RFC 3161 and Authenticode compatible TimeTokens. It offers independent and irrefutable proof of time for transactions, documents, and digital signatures.

Key Features of Timenotary:

  • IETF RFC 3161 Compliant: Adheres to international standards for timestamping.

  • Authenticode Compliant: Ensures the integrity of code.

  • Cloud Signature Consortium Support: Aligns with global standards for cloud-based digital signatures.

  • Decentralized Authentication: Reduces dependence on a single point of failure.

  • Support for Various Technologies: Including HSMs, Smart Cards, and software certificates.

CodeB Identity Broker: The Future of Secure Access

CodeB Identity Broker represents the future of secure, password-free digital access. It operates as an OpenID Connect Identity Provider (IdP), using mobile devices as the actual IdPs.

Key Features of CodeB Identity Broker:

  • Single Sign-On: Smooth authentication across multiple applications.

  • Enhanced Security: Utilizes device's keystore for added protection.

  • Decentralized Authentication: Reducing the risk of a single point of failure.

  • Ease of Use: Integrates with various 3rd Party Identity Providers effortlessly.

Timenotary Now Built into CodeB Identity Broker with Cloud Signature Consortium Support

The integration of Timenotary with CodeB's Identity Broker now goes beyond RFC 3161 compliance. In addition to the trusted timestamping as per IETF RFC 3161 specifications, the integrated Timenotary in the Identity Broker now also supports timestamps as defined by the Cloud Signature Consortium.

What This Means for You:

  • Streamlined Experience: Authenticate quickly using your mobile device and access timestamping services seamlessly.

  • Enhanced Security: Leverage the combined strength of Timenotary's timestamping and CodeB's decentralized authentication.

  • Flexible Integration: Connect with various enterprise directories like Okta, Auth0, Google Workspace, and Azure B2C Active Directory.

The collaboration between Timenotary and CodeB's Identity Broker is more than just a technological advancement; it's a step towards a more secure and user-friendly digital world. Embrace the future of secure and effortless access with this powerful integration.

For more information, visit Timenotary and CodeB Identity Broker. Feel free to reach out to us to explore the solution that best fits your needs.

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