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Safeguarding Your Loved Ones from SMS Scams

In the digital era, where convenience is just a click away, the risk of falling prey to scams is also significantly heightened. This is especially true for our elderly loved ones who may not be as tech-savvy and could easily fall victim to online scams. One of the commonly used tactics by scammers is the use of public URL shorteners to obscure their malicious intentions. To the untrained eye, these shortened URLs may appear harmless, but they often lead to phishing sites or malware downloads. In this article, we'll explain how the CodeB TOTP SMS can help safeguard your loved ones from such threats.

Understanding the Problem:

SMS scams, also known as Smishing, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Scammers use public URL shorteners, such as or, to disguise dangerous links. The hidden nature of these links makes it difficult for an average user, especially our elderly loved ones, to discern between legitimate messages and scams. Moreover, many might not realize that legitimate companies typically avoid using URL shorteners in their communication, making these messages an obvious red flag to those in the know.

CodeB TOTP SMS: A Powerful Tool Against Scams:

Fortunately, CodeB TOTP SMS offers a robust solution to this growing problem. As a standard feature, CodeB TOTP SMS has the ability to detect and invalidate dangerous URL shortener addresses. This capability not only helps protect users from scams but also creates a safer digital environment for your loved ones.

How does it work? CodeB TOTP SMS automatically scans incoming messages for shortened URLs. If it detects one, the service invalidates the link, preventing the user from inadvertently visiting a malicious site. This proactive approach offers a strong line of defense against scammers and their harmful tactics.


As technology continues to evolve, so too do the tactics employed by scammers. But with tools like CodeB TOTP SMS, we can stay one step ahead. By invalidating dangerous URL shortener addresses and educating users about potential threats, CodeB TOTP SMS provides an invaluable service in the fight against SMS scams.

Remember, protection from scams starts with awareness and a proactive approach. Help your loved ones stay safe online by introducing them to CodeB TOTP SMS. It's an easy step to take, but it could make all the difference in safeguarding them from the perils of online scams.

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