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Elevating Digital Document Signing: Introducing Integrated PDF Signator in CodeB Apps

In a world where digital transactions are becoming the norm, the need for secure and convenient digital document signing is more pressing than ever. Recognizing this demand, we've taken a significant step forward in enhancing our services.

We are excited to unveil the latest feature in all CodeB Apps: an integrated PDF Signator that transforms your Android device into a powerful tool for digitally signing documents. No more complex procedures or third-party tools; signing a PDF is now as easy as scanning a QR Code, validating the document, and clicking 'sign'. Your signed PDF is ready in an instant, right from your device.

Security You Can Trust

At CodeB, we understand that security is paramount. That's why the RSA signing keys and certificates are securely housed within the hardware of your Android device, not within the app itself. You can further fortify this security by choosing to protect the key material with a PIN or your fingerprint. This approach mirrors the robust standards of traditional smart cards while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Empowering You with Aloaha eForms Server

Our newly enhanced “Aloaha eForms Server” adds another layer of convenience by allowing each user to generate their own signature requests. Simply visit to take control of your signing process. This added functionality puts the power in your hands, amplifying the personalization and ease-of-use of our app.

Start Signing Today

If you have any of the CodeB Apps installed, you can embark on your digital signing journey right away. Just scan the QR Code below for your first mobile digital signature, and experience the future of document signing at your fingertips.

With the integration of the PDF Signator in CodeB Apps, we're not just offering a feature; we're providing a seamless, secure, and personalized solution for digital document signing. It's our commitment to innovation and excellence that drives us to continually enhance your experience.

Join us in embracing this exciting new capability and take your digital interactions to the next level.

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